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Here at Myra's we are lucky to employ creative professionals on our team. Jarrett and Kristen have taken their creativity past framing and matting to creating works of art. Commission them to create your next great piece of art. All pricing is done in store with the artists themselves.

Below are also some pieces done by the amazing local artist Tammi L. Bissett. Get a hold of one of her prints to display with your Aggie Diploma or frame them all by themselves. Either way they make a great addition to any Aggie home.


Jarrett Burch is a local musician and artist. He builds frames for Myra's Gallery & Custom Framing and his unique laser engraved artwork can be seen on display in the store.

Jarrett's Art

Rubiks Cube


Nintendo Controller


Kristen Shelbie is a local portrait artist and painter. She is a native of the Brazos Valley and has been framing professionally for eight years. She holds a bachelor of arts degree in studio art from Taylor University and has worked for Myra's Gallery & Custom Framing since January 2015.

Kristen's Art

Sketch of Girl

Local Artist Tammi L. Bissett's Art

Academic Building Print

Academic Building Print

Academic Building Print Color

Academic Building Print (color)

Gold Ring

Gold Ring

Reflection Ring

Reflection Ring



Verse Ring

Verse Ring