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Mounting: One standard way to mount a piece is dry mounting or cold press, which is permanent and will remove most wrinkles and some creases, recommended for posters and photos that are not valuable. For your more expensive art we recommend conservation mounting using all acid free materials and hinging tape or acetate corner squares so they can easily be removed if needed. For specialty items such as jerseys we tack or sew. Artifacts might be silicone or sewed. All needle work is hand stitched over acid free foam, and paintings will be stretched over wood stretcher bars. Gallery wraps can also be done.

Matting: Matting insures the art work does not touch the glass, so if there are any changes in condensation matting prevents damage from the art sticking to the glass. It also gives depth and volume to your art by accenting colors and increasing overall size of art making it your masterpiece. Lastly acid free matting increases the life and enjoyment of your art.

Glazing: Glazing protects your art work from airborne acidic particles, slows down humidity transfer, and prevents the occasional touching or brushing of the art surface and most importantly, it can protect against light damage. Depending on your piece and how much sun or light your room gets there are many types of glazing. We offer:

  • Conservation clear
  • Conservation non-glare
  • Art Glass
  • Museum

Finishing: Every piece of art is finished with a dust cover and a proper hanging system. We will also included the hook for your wall. All work done in store.

Delivery & Installation: We also offer delivery and installation.